Deep Blue’s Philosophy and Diversity

Our purpose is to serve clients. From our beginning, this basic premise “Customer First” has shaped our culture and structure. Our commitment to the long-lasting and win-win partnership with governments, financial institutions and corporates, enables us to become the trusted and prestigious financial advisor to top decision-makers. We are strategic in our approach in providing the following services, while acting with honour and integrity.

  • - Bond and Securitisation
  • - Structured Finance
  • - Credit Investment
  • - Asset Management
  • - Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • - Private Equity
  • - Financial Advisory

Global Blue Global Presence

Backed by a solid team of experienced professionals with diverse talents and resources, the Deep Blue team is ready to meet your requirements coming from around the globe:

  • - New York
  • - London
  • - Hong Kong
  • - Singapore
  • - Sydney
  • - Toronto
  • - Tokyo
  • - Cape Town
  • - Taipei